Never go by a book unless it is a manual, thus do not let a book” characterize you” i.e. influence your character by trying to do what the book says. Instead start by admiring what the book says, work on  remembering what the book says do not experiment  what the book says, but rather try to talk to people about what the book you found interesting says. Although religious books are exceptional in this case because of what they teach this is more or less like a manual towards a practical practitioner as to what he/she should do and not do.

Reading is boring, but extremely fun when you start to criticize the writer and as well start to understand what the book says->”But then this is just my rhapsody about careless readers. It starts from losing counts like for example an adult who due to lack of or NO flair to read or write to the least of it all a shopping list, would unbelievably make mistakes while trying to recite the English Alphabets in an alphabetical other responsively like in the nursery days, Furthermore gets whinny trying to pronounce rare words in books he/she tries to read. And there after gets bored by the voluminous leaves of the book. Yeah all these account for a careless reader. You do not have to like “freedom before you ask or like what it feels like being free” humorously true though this might not be acutely reasonable but however so, there is actually a little or no effort opening a book (yeah, though it hasn’t been scientifically proven) and as well looking at the words like pictures…Lol (Laughing out Loud).

Yeah true it all gets started from a place like the old saying goes “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY” So it all actually starts somewhere and yeah frequently opening a book as a habit does a lot and would be an interesting way to help yourself. Light-up your desire to read and as well become an advanced reader. And so in contrast to what I said was humorously true earlier above, you do not have to like freedom before you ask or like what it feels like being free” similarly concerns both of these two parties (1) Those who care less about reading and (2) Those who rarely engage in the act of reading. As it glaringly gets dawn on them publicly when engaged in meeting, discussion, debates and argument (not squabbling) etc. suffer from lots of expressional words, humors and what have you. In fact frankly, I believe that some things are generally accepted conditionally especially when her advantages overrides its disadvantages.

(Here is a bit of a tip for thought)Ever wondered to ask the question WHY? Like why most adults in general start to discontinue the in-take of cereal foods like Kellogg’s for example that’s corn flakes and her likes? Well here is my own reason why I think they did/do not want to take part in such food anymore.

ANSWER: Simply because they start to detest the sugary thirst and perhaps the look of a kid when they have the bowl of milk and spoon in hand like back in the days. And by so doing they totally or rarely abstain themselves from taking cereals without a second thought of reducing or excluding sweeteners like sugar etc. And this my friend, is similarly related to those who wouldn’t think much abandoning what perhaps seems to be vitally important.

   Well then then My Friends I hope that this would help challenge you to challenge yourselves in taking a bold step towards reading once again whether for pleasure (fun), knowledge, and information which ever the case may be. Challenge yourself today. Reading is boring yeah but consistent reading leaves you with a profound sense and as well makes you a better reader. So friends there lies for you a choice of your own. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

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I'm a bean seed so I grow rapidly when I'm in my turf. Actually, I'm fun, smart, and very happy.

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